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Spiderama Ltd launches its new UK offering

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Spiderama Ltd launches its new UK offering


New business start-up Spiderama Ltd has been set up to offer a range of services to UK and International manufacturers.

Founder Jason Nicholls said, “We believe some manufacturers are not reaching their targets because their sales teams and budgets and too limited. We help our customers extend this reach as we can support their sales strategies in a far more commercial and cost effective way.

“We also offer a range of other business services from business development, marketing, PR, communications, online video production to name a few.”

Spiderama Ltd is based in Worthing, West Sussex, and promotes products and services from businesses throughout UK, Europe and as far as China and USA.

“Throughout my career I have worked with a number of partners in the UK and overseas. These relationships are now being exploited for the commercial benefits of our customers.”

Starting his career in local journalism, Nicholls soon found himself as Editor of airport newspaper Gatwick News at the tender age of 25.  From 1997, he was managing the PR Dept of British Airways franchise airline GB Airways before setting up his own PR Consultancy in 2001.

After nine years running his own business, Nicholls moved to Tuscany, Italy, and found himself as Global Marketing Communications Director for solar inverter manufacturer Power-One (now owned by ABB).

His career in the global solar industry continues with Spiderama Ltd.

“One of my new customers is an Italian software company which is selling solar inverters to the European solar market. These guys are incredibly innovative with a range of interesting products but do not have a UK sales team. This UK sales representation is a service Spiderama Ltd is offeringto a number of international customers.”

The full range of services include: Sales, Marketing, PR, Communications, Advertising, Creative Ideas, Events, Exhibitions, Business Development, Account Handling, Hospitality, Documentation, Online Marketing, Website CMs, CRM systems, Social Media, Photo/Video Production, Reporting, Budgeting, Team Management, Crisis Planning, etc.

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Please contact us through the following offices..

Worthing Office
Tel 01903 444676
Email worthing@spiderama.com

Bournemouth Office
Tel 07968 296238
Email bournemouth@spiderama.com