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Findon pub launches new website from Spiderama Ltd

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Findon’s Village House pub has launched its new website designed and produced by Spiderama Ltd.

Please visit www.villagehousefindon.co.uk to see the latest update.

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Case Study #3

3, Home Health Fitness (www.homehealthfitness.com)


Businessman Michael White runs a business providing personal trainers around S. E. England.

In 2009, he needed a website to manage the new and existing enquiries from those people who wanted the personal trainer experience.

We worked with a third party SEO company to get high rankings for key search terms and made sure all the SEO, social media, online email marketing and other material was all ‘on-message’.

This worked really well and he featured in top 3 search engine results for ‘London personal trainer’ and Kent, Sussex, Surrey.

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Case Study #2

Case Study 2, Power-One website (was www.power-one.com)

In 2010, HotDogMedia closed its doors when principal Jason Nicholls moved to Italy to run the global marketing communications dept for a solar inverter manufacturer Power-One. 

This company was a B2B power component manufacturer which found its new solar products had taken it into the B2C realm and from 9th to 2nd in the global marketplace.

The new website had to cater for new B2C customers as well as installers, distributors, solar investors and homeowners.

On launching the new website, specifically dedicated content were created for each user groups along with improved navigation and sign-posting.

In 2013, Power-One was bought by ABB. This means the original website no longer exists.


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Case Study #1

1, Plumpton Racecourse (www.plumptonracecourse.co.uk).

The forerunner to Spiderama Ltd was a website development and social media agency called HotDogMedia

In 2009,  HDM was employed to research and deliver the new Plumpton Racecourse website (www.plumptonracecourse.co.uk).


This was supposed to last 2-3 years. In fact it is still in place today. We used a number of ways to draw visitors to the site, including social media, PR in racing, trade and local press plus direct-mail within all mailings to existing customers. We also made sure there were strategically placed adverts near the finishing line for TV viewers who may be interested in Plumpton.



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